Excursions & Activities

Maduru Oya Park

Make sure to explore the wildlife in Mahiyangana by paying a visit to the Maduru Oya National Park. The specialty of the park is that you will find a lot of endemic species both in the form of animals as well as plants. Hop on a safari tour around the park and enjoy the wilderness. 

20 mins away

Dambana Wedda Village Tour

The term “Wedda” translates to “people of the forests” and members of this indigenous community have been taking refuge in the Dambana forest for centuries. Learn more about their fascinating lifestyle of a forest dweller and how they have adapted to the changing times. 

20 mins away

Danigala – Alien Mountain

Ancient myths state that this uniquely shaped mountain was used by Ravana as an airport. However, over recent years, local villagers have reported the sighting of UFOs as well.

 Mystery surrounds this land as vegetation found on the mountain looks suspicious to both travellers and historians. Take on a hike to the land of the unknown and share your experience with future travellers.

60 mins away

Private Candle Lit Dinner

End the day with a private alfresco dining experience on the rooftop terrace at Kevan’s Casa. Enjoy the starry skies as you feast on a gourmet meal with the company of your loved ones.

Rathna Ella Hike

The final destination of our hike takes us through the lush forests of Mahiyangana to reach the Rathna Ella waterfall. The route is about 3.5 kilometres long but the destination is well worth the journey. The 101-meter waterfall is the highest in the Kandy region and one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka.

55 mins away

Kaluwa Wetuna Ella Hike

Embark on a 1.5-kilometre hike from the Rathna Ella village to witness the majestic Kaluwa Wetuna Ella waterfall. This 30-meter waterfall lies deep in the jungle and makes for a great hike that’s loved by all nature enthusiasts. 

55 mins away