Excursions & Activities

Pan Paduru making

“A Pan Padura”, which translates to “a reed mat”, is a staple in every household in rural Sri Lanka. Each intricately designed mat is woven by hand for over a month, using reeds harvested from the local fields. Using the practices shared by the local villagers, try your hand at creating a reed mat of your own

20 mins away

Pottery making process

There is no better teacher to explain the art of pottery making, than the local villagers in Mahiyangana. Join them to learn the secrets of the trade and make your own pottery souvenir, to take home.

20 mins away

Traditional lunch at Rathna Ella village

Enjoy an authentic Sri Lankan lunch when at the Rathna Ella village. The meals in store for you have been created using recipes passed down from generation to generation and made by the locals with a lot of love - which is probably why it tastes so delightful!

20 mins away


Mountain bike ride

Cycle your way through the scenic streets of Mahiyangana. The cycle path passes through the Sorabora lake bunt and over to lush green lands, offering great views of the countryside along with some hearty exercise.

Breakfast at Sorabora Rock

When the hunger pangs kick in, it’s time for breakfast with a view. Head over to the top of the Sorabora Rock where our chef will await your arrival to cook up a freshly prepared, delicious breakfast. 

15 mins away

Cow Milking

Try your hand at milking the friendly yet mischievous cows in Mahiyangana. Learn about the procedure from a local villager and get hands-on experience milking a cow. If done right, you could also enjoy a cup of delicious, fresh milk for the day! 

15 mins away